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Monday, November 23, 2020
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Although the list of Finabel studies is public, only EU, NATO and ABCA military members are allowed to download those studies (after registration and verification).

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Finabel most popular studies

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EUBG Manual Guidance for operational preparation and tactical use
Definition of generic missions which can be entrusted to the EU BG : What to do with an EUBG? Conceivable employment doctrine(s) for an EU BG at tactical level : How to conduct an EUBG deployment? If you are registered as member, please click here to download this study.
Since the late nineties, Private " Military " Companies (PMC) have increasingly become a common and widespread actor in all conflicts. Soldiers of fortune have been replaced by well organised and commercial companies of some standing, offering their services to all sorts of clients, governments included.

The use of PMC by third parties is increasing. PMC are more and more perceived as a convenient solution for high risk tasks. Military forces require an understanding of the methods of operation of such companies, in order that at the tactical, headquarters and individual soldiers have clear instructions as to the manner in which they should deal with PMC employees on the ground. If you are registered as military member, click here to download this study
COMBAT TYRE   The combat tyre must have qualities as similar as possible to those of the tyre with radial casing and with all-terrain tread, and have, as soon as possible, characteristics that have been standardised within FINABEL. Following being punctured it must enable the vehicle to maintain a level of mobility compatible with pursuing the mission in the conditions set in this Agreement. If you are registered as military member, click here to download this agreement.
INTELLIGENCE SUPPORT TO C-IED Finabel countries have felt the need to carry out a study representing a doctrinal reference point to counter the threat posed by IED, as proved by the often lethal attacks waged against the contingents of Finabel countries during operations. The aim of it is to examine the Intelligence support to C-IED operations, in order to improve Finabel land forces effectiveness during future military operations. The study examine the intelligence support to define areas to counter the threat and to enhance the skills which Finabel countries should improve at operational / tactical levels within a multinational context. At the same time, the characteristics of IED, when containing CBRN agents, are taken in consideration. Additionally, the study highlights the Intelligence needs of additional capabilities in order to support and optimise friendly C-IED effort, in terms of technologies (C-IED database), resources (units, assets, means and specialists) and procedures (Targeting process is considered as a tool to obtain a comprehensive screening of IED system). If you are registered as military member, click here to download the study.

CLOSE AIR SUPPORT OPERATIONS This study identifies the structures and organizations required by an EUBG that would enable it to support CAS operations. In addition, it develops the rationale, identifies the circumstances, defines the procedures and recommends the levels of training required by the EUBG in order to enable it to work successfully along with the Air Component. The use of effective CAS, is crucial for the success of every mission, and this study describes how CAS can be provided in the EUBG level. The main aspects of it are : -  CAS employment methods, types of terminal attack control and TTPs for CAS, as in NATO documents
-  The structures and organizations required by an EU BG in order to support CAS, are adapted to the EUBG concept
-  Where are many required capabilities for the provision of effective CAS.
-  Well trained FACs, have a significant role in supporting CAS.
-  The supported Commander must always consider the risk for collateral damage when requesting CAS. If you are registered as military member, click here to download the study.