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maanantai, marraskuu 30, 2020
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This study identifies the structures and organizations required by an EUBG that would enable it to support CAS operations. In addition, it develops the rationale, identifies the circumstances, defines the procedures and recommends the levels of training required by the EUBG in order to enable it to work successfully along with the Air Component.

The use of effective CAS, is crucial for the success of every mission, and this study describes how CAS can be provided in the EUBG level.

The main aspects of it are :

-  CAS employment methods, types of terminal attack control and TTPs for CAS, as in NATO documents
-  The structures and organizations required by an EU BG in order to support CAS, are adapted to the EUBG concept
-  Where are many required capabilities for the provision of effective CAS.
-  Well trained FACs, have a significant role in supporting CAS.
-  The supported Commander must always consider the risk for collateral damage when requesting CAS.

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