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Finabel countries have felt the need to carry out a study representing a doctrinal reference point to counter the threat posed by IED, as proved by the often lethal attacks waged against the contingents of Finabel countries during operations. The aim of it is to examine the Intelligence support to C-IED operations, in order to improve Finabel land forces effectiveness during future military operations.

The study examine the intelligence support to define areas to counter the threat and to enhance the skills which Finabel countries should improve at operational / tactical levels within a multinational context.

At the same time, the characteristics of IED, when containing CBRN agents, are taken in consideration. Additionally, the study highlights the Intelligence needs of additional capabilities in order to support and optimise friendly C-IED effort, in terms of technologies (C-IED database), resources (units, assets, means and specialists) and procedures (Targeting process is considered as a tool to obtain a comprehensive screening of IED system).

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