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About us

Entirely dedicated to land forces issues, aiming at developing a joint European understanding of defence matters, Finabel is an apolitical, informal and autonomous organisation actually made up of 16 European Union member States.

Created in 1953, Finabel strives to favour the success of operations and to promote cooperation, thanks to more than 500 reports, conventions, agreements focusing on interoperability in a joint environment, developing the harmonisation of concept, doctrines and procedures. The recommendations carry out in the studies, remain objectives and are freely applicable.

The annual Chief of the Armies meeting, the regular exchanges among a community of more than 500 EU officers, directors of Doctrine Centre, experts of working groups, facilitate the development of a Finabel community, which has developed an important doctrinal corpus.

After more than 50 years of existence, Finabel expertise is more than appreciated at national level as well as among military EU bodies and NATO.


Working structure



Army Chiefs
Executive board
Principal Military Experts
Steering committee

Permanent Secretariat

Organises and coordinates

   Standing Working Groups

Carry out doctrinal studies
   Expert Task Groups

Carry out specific studies


Finabel has close relations with the following organizations:
European Union Military Staff (EUMS)
European Defense Agency (EDA)
European Air Group (EAG)
nato NATO



Finabel / EU Map



france France (1953)
italy Italy    (1953)
netherlands The Netherlands (1953)
belgium Belgium (1953)
luxembourg Luxembourg (1953)
germany Germany (1956)
united_kingdom United Kingdom (1973)
spain Spain (1990)
greece Greece (1996)
portugal Portugal (1996)
poland Poland (2006)
slovakia Slovakia (2006)
cyprus Cyprus (2008)
finland Finland (2008)
romania Romania (2008)
malta Malta (2010)